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50s Glam50s Glam

Vintage may be from years gone by but its style never goes out of fashion. The 50s is backwards, elegant and chic, just like it was back then, yet surprisingly different with material visuals and more bling.

If you think about the 50s and only think about the poodle skirts and diner culture, you will be pleasantly surprised. Irrespective of Rockability and Pin-up Style, the 50s offers strong colours, a bold material matrix and curved line with classic, smooth and timeless décor.
Distinctive design, which rediscovers family heirlooms such as grandma’s kitchen sideboard or hostess trolley, or makes you fall in love again with the re-run of the TV series Mad Men.

No matter whether you choose deep colours or creamy, natural tones - with the shiny, metallic patterns, the wallpaper of 50s Glam is always an eye-catcher. It is difficult to choose between curved lines in the fan motif or the effective diamonds in gold or metallic blue, which you are guaranteed to look at as you walk past. Combined with this, for example, a muted plain colour with combined restraint.

The chic aesthetics of the 50s with its vintage character meets modern boldness for extravagance. The style-mix is trendy and timeless with a certain something. 50s Glam is a style for anyone who would like to create a mixture of reserved elegance with modern serenity and opulence as their sense of living.

50s Glam has nothing to do with grandma’s style, although the inherited, walnut sideboard fits right in with your new living-style. We have collated a selection of appropriate designs and combination suggestions for you to inspire you and to skilfully create the unique style. Check out the various possibilities on Pinterest or Instagram.


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Tipp von der Expertin


Jil's style-tip:

“This is really where it’s at! Decorate in golden and petrol-green colours. Glass, ceramics and metal are the materials of choice for 50s’ GLAM. Table linen in vintage retro style creates an individual living experience."

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50s Glam


Elegant and glamorous!

Rock 'n’ roll and glamour, creativity and style - this is how we remember the 50s and we love this decade with its unique designs. Make a heartbreak hotel out of your home and join us in celebrating 50s’ GLAM. The high-quality wallpapers expressive colours combine with vibrant classy  ornaments to decorate your walls in a retro style, which references the good old times and harmoniously integrates a modern look.




50s Glam Tapetenvarianten



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