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Romantic Dream

Romantic Dream

The romantic style changes your living spaces into an enchanting and enticing realm.
A dream come true! A room which is not only lovely and nice, but also powerful and elegant. Be inspired and enjoy the harmonious sense of space.

Delicate colours enchant with sensual romance and harmonise with the modern blossom motifs. The detailed rose blossom are an eye-catcher for the wall and create a special, feminine elegance. Create a harmonious balance between lovely and powerful.

The down-to-earth rattan pattern is another eye-catcher with natural radiance and creates an exciting contrast to the reserved plain wallpaper in muted colours. Fine colour nuances and structural patterns ensure that the colours have a natural and particular nice effect. The perfect interplay of décor elements provides idyllic balance.

Romantic Dream is a style for all those who like lovely and powerful motifs, and who would like a design that provides balance between romance and idyllic relaxation. The friendly colours and combination options ensure diversity and enable your own design. Thus the collection is for the home environment of dreamers, romantics, girls and women, those who like to be aesthetically please and everyone who would like to make a lovely, appealing or elegant statement in their feminine design.

Make your dream come true and be inspired by our ideas for the perfect style. Follow us on Instagram and discover the enchanting effect of Romantic Dream. You can also find more suggestions on the style on our Pinterest.




Romantic Dream Tapetenvarianten



Tipp von der Expertin

Jil's style-tip:

"Love at first sight with ROMANTIC DREAM! Dry some rose petals and use them to decorate haphazardly. Play with the colours such as pink, red and ivory. Cushions, blankets and pelts bring romantic comfort to your new room. Put candles in an old wine bottle or position warm fairy lights in selected places in your new home”.

Find more inspiration here.





Romantic Dream Tapetenvarianten



Romantic Dream

Being in love is beautiful

You will fall in love. With your new house. You will long to be greeted by large floral motifs in charming colours on your walls. With ROMANTIC DREAM, living dreams come to life. Opulent and exuberant designs alternate with quiet tone-in-tone wallpapers. Feel lovingly cared for in a room full of romantic lightness.







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